Extremism: Are the Roots the Ideas or Are the Fruits the Atrocities

Assalamo Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuho!

Reliance on the so-called ideologies can make a person be learned in a way that discipline should be the main crop. In this way, arbitrary mindsets can be clenched to where it should go, to where it should lead, and to where it should empower. This track of dogma is the one we would likely to come into perceptible existence when we have a strong orderly belief in any principle of theory or policy. This is what we have learned from among the many structures and styles of believing in an idea. If we would commit ourselves into learning the origin and nature of a certain creed, all has just been drafted not from violence but from order.

Scrutinizing the apathy that was recently adored by these extremists in Walled, Jolo, Sulu, would only create a mentality that nowadays, order has gone… and human ideology turned into stone-cold root of experiments.  Every group of violence wants to become monolithic. One that creates a domino effect of ferocity, and not a ripple of law and order.

A song once renders, “Look around and see the beauty of His creation.” This is very saddening to compare the piece message with what is rampantly happening now because of the grounds every person or groups have to stand for. There are a lot of questions. People go mad of caring for humanity, but what can they do! We do believe that everything happens for a reason, YET we strongly believe also that everything can be talked about in the most possible and nicest ways.

Why not just plant a seed to your mind, and let the roots grip down to your heart. Think of that thing to grow as a tree of plus (+) sign.

What do you think will be the next insight?