Cultural Arts Enhancement, Education and Literacy Program

Programs & Services

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

Either because of impoverishment or otherwise, illiteracy and innumeracy have high incidence in the Moro and Lumad communities. A trainer’s training will be conducted to Local Community Organizers and community as they are in the forefront in the implementation of community literacy and numeracy.


Community Madrasah Assistance Project

In Moro communities, modest community-driven Madrasahs are put up. In communities that have existing Madrasahs, assistance can be provided in the form of logistical support to the Madrasah teachers and pupils.


Promotion of Traditional Arts

This is designed for the youth to rediscover their heritage and be proud and appreciative of their arts and culture. Traditional instruments e.g., agong, kulintang, etc. are practiced, and Kuntao, a traditional art of self-defense and physical fitness, is promoted.