Capacity Build-Up Program

Programs & Services

Community Organizing (CO) Training

Some development work approaches use CO as a means to implement projects and some as the end in itself. Under Moro People’s CORE, CO is utilized as the means to propel systemic change. The trainings deal on the process of organizing from the development of leaders, formation of a core group and ultimately establishment of a people’s organization. The method is a bottom-up approach wherein the organization emanates from a grassroots level.


Leadership Development Training

As the saying goes, “there are no born leaders.” Leadership skills are continuously developed and honed by means of integrating theory with practical experience. Basic skills like that of the Facilitation of Meetings, Conduct of Action Planning, Public Speaking, etc. are some of the topics discussed and learned.


Group Dynamics and Team Building Workshops

It is fundamental that working together as a team, with the collective and collaborative efforts of all, make the work more efficient and productive. Enhancing a better relationship with one another in a work team means less
wastage of time and resources in implementing projects or campaigns.